About Us

In the heart of nature, where the chill of the wind mingles with the warmth of the sun, the journey of Freein began. Our founders, ardent outdoor enthusiasts, have always sought solace and adventure in the embrace of the wild. They believe in the serendipity of life, and it was during one such adventure that they stumbled upon the revitalizing world of ice bathing.

Historical annals suggest that the art of ice bathing began as early as the 18th century. However, the privilege of plunging into the icy embrace was limited to a select few. The reason? The sheer scarcity of dedicated spaces for this invigorating experience and the exorbitant prices of existing ice bath tubs. Moreover, these tubs were stationary, fixed to a single spot, a true tether for souls who live on the road and seek freedom in every breath.

To our founders, this limitation was not just an inconvenience, but a challenge. How could something so rejuvenating, so fundamental to well-being, be confined to one room or accessible to only a privileged few?

That's when the journey of innovation began. They dreamt of a world where ice bathing was not limited by walls or wallets. Driven by passion and a vision to democratize this age-old wellness ritual, they poured their heart, soul, and countless hours into researching and designing the ultimate solution - a portable ice bath tub.

Freein was born out of this dream. A testament to perseverance and the love for the outdoors, Freein brings the exhilarating experience of ice bathing to your doorstep, wherever that might be. Lightweight, affordable, and designed for the wanderer at heart, our tubs are the perfect companion for those who seek rejuvenation on the go.

Today, as we look back at our humble beginnings and the mountains we've climbed, we're filled with gratitude. Our mission has always been simple - to break barriers and make ice bathing an experience accessible to all. Whether you're atop a hill, by a serene lake, or in the cozy confines of your backyard, Freein promises a plunge into refreshment.

Join us, and dive into a world where nature's chill meets soulful warmth. Dive it at Freein!