Our Story


The founder of Freein, Trevor, likes water sports, especially surfing very much, but traditional surfboards are not suitable for carrying, which makes him always wanted to find a lighter board easier to carry. In 2010, by a coincidence, he discovered a material company in South Korea has a new drop-stitch material, of which strength after inflation can reach the strength of a traditional rigid board. This brought him the idea of making his own board, and in 2011 successfully developed his own inflatable stand up paddleboard (SUP). Trevor wanted to share this joy with more people, so in 2013 he intervened in the paddleboard industry and set out to create innovative, inspired, affordable, and high-quality SUP products. He founded the Freein brand in 2015 and started selling SUP products. After several years of development, Freein's products are more diversified, with sub-categories: All-round SUP, Touring SUP, Racing SUP, Convertible kayak SUP, Yoga board, fishing board, Yoga mat, Multi-person board, Kids SUP, etc. . Cost-effective, high-quality products have brought a group of loyal users to Freein. By 2018, Freein has developed Freeinsup sub-brands in Europe, Australia, and Asia, committed to creating professional SUP products and promoting Freeinsup to the world so that everyone can easily enjoy the fun of SUP.