Q: What is the difference between Ice Bath Barrel Lite, Ice Bath Barrel Pro and Ice Bath Barrel?

The Ice Bath Barrel is made of 4" drop stitch material for extra strength, the Ice Bath Barrel Lite and Ice Bath Barrel Pro are made of 2" drop stitch material for a lighter and less expensive option.
Both the Ice Bath Barrel and Ice Bath Barrel Pro have an inlet and outlet for use with a chiller, the Ice Bath Barrel Lite only has an outlet.
Both the Ice Bath Barrel and Ice Bath Barrel Pro come with a lid made of drop stitch material for better insulation, and the Ice Bath Barrel Lite is cheaper with a PVC lid.
More detailed differences can be found in the comparison table on the product details page.


Q: What are your shipping details?

Free Shipping on all orders

Ice Bath Barrel & Ice Bath Tub: Received in 3-7 days
Ice Bath Chiller: Received in 10-15 days
Barrel/Tub & Chiller Pack: Received in 10-15 days

In most cases we ship via UPS, FedEx or DHL from local warehouses. We occasionally ship directly from overseas factories for faster shipping.


Q: How to choose the right size for an ice bath tub?

The Ice Bath Tub M fits people up to 6'3" and for taller people the Ice Bath Tub L is recommended.


Q: Can an ice bath tub be used as a hot tub?

Yes, it can be used as a hot tub, but you'll need to have a heater for it.


Q: Does the ice bath tub include a chiller?

Unless we clearly label it as a barrel/tub + chiller set, they all contain only an ice bath tub and you will need to purchase the chiller separately.


Q: Can it hold water for weeks at a time or does it need to be drained each day?

Water can be held for a long time. It is recommended to change the water once a week or two to keep it clean. The Ice Bath Pod is made of pvc, which is less durable and insulating, and is not recommended for extended use. Our other products are made of drop stitch material which is very sturdy and well insulated for long time use.


Q: Are all of the ice baths functional with a mobile app?

The mobile app is used with the chiller. If you buy our water chiller, all of them support mobile remote control.


Q: Can the tub be used properly without the chiller system?

Sure, the inlet and outlet have plugs so you can add water and ice from the top of the tub, and after use, you can open the plug at the bottom to drain the water.